Relationships between SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC

As I know,
SEO means Search Engine Optimization
SEM means Search Engine Marketing
SMO means Social Media Optimization
PPC means Pay Per Click
But, what are the relationships between these nouns?
Your answers are Welcome! Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

Type each one into Google to get their definition, apply reason.

I agree with Dan…just like you found what the abbreviations stood for, you’ll be able to find out what each of them is about.Good Luck!It’ll get easier with time…

why u asking this type of question ??

just search google you will get full answers of your question

Maybe you really should spend some time on SEO understanding.
These are all such simple and basic question!

Tell you by the way:
Search Engine Optimization in a part of Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization is one strategy of Search Engine Optimization. then Pay per click is another SEM technique used by search engines and website owners to generate traffic for websites.

a good webmaster won’t go for ppc…rather organic results

Why? You might as well say that a good product development team would never go for TV adverts and would just rely on word-of-mouth.

For any search query, there’s only one #1 spot in Google. Only one website can be there. You might be in a very competitive sector where there are dozens of good websites that you’re up against. You can have a fantastic website, a great product and hundreds of links but still not make it into the top 3.

If advertising brings in more money than it costs you then it’s a successful strategy.

All these terms comes under online marketing so the purpose of these online marketing terms is to just get organic traffic although PPC is paid services to get traffic.

Its all related to getting traffic to your website form organic search engine, paid search & social networks like facebook, twitter& linkedin.

Most of them need Search Engine as: google yahoo bing etc…
All of need someone enter showers’ website know more messages
then they will built bussiness or friendship

You can see :

  1. SEO :
  2. SEM :
  3. SMO :
  4. PPC :

Then you can understand what are the relationships between these nouns.

Well, SEO and PPC belong to SEM.
SMO generally refers to social networking, social bookmarking and so forth. So we can say that SMO is a part of SEO.