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We are doing the SEO of keywords for medical field. But due to e-commerce the competition is very high. What should we do make the keywords ranked?

If you’re new to SEO, then I suggest you start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. Follow that and ensure you have done all the basics.

Despite what you may read elsewhere, there are no “quick fix” solutions to reaching and retaining a good position in search results. The most important factor for search engines these days is high-quality, unique content.

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Have some well-written, relevant, and quality content then equip yourself with patience. Apparently, there are thousands of websites in your niche that also want to be placed on the first pages of SERP so pushing your own to the top will be quite a struggle and might take you some time. Read guides on how to do SEO right or just hire an expert to do the task on your behalf.

You should pay attention in long tail keywords(these keywords have small volume) and you can write posts and add those posts in your blogs. You can write posts using information keywords.

Yes you are right competition is very high in the medical and all other fields I think you should so some point of ad words promotions to rank fast.

Paid advertising does not influence SERPs ranking, which is what the OP is asking about.

Doing an SEO we always need to choose the right keywords.
Get suggested keywords through these tools
-AdWords Keyword Planner

Good Luck.

Use the proper tool for keyword to find appropriate keywords depending on your brand. Create quality content based on those keywords you searched and share your content to social media. SO its a combination of Onpage and Offpage SEO

The OP is not asking how to choose keywords, but how to rank well for the keywords already chosen. Please confine further replies to that question, bearing in mind that the niche is medical.


Competition is everywhere and experts will tell you that the best way to rank in your particular niche is to build everything in quality and not in quantity. So, I guess everything you have to do is to build quality links and create engaging content to your audience. Try to follow SEO experts and apply their strategy to yours. Few people I follow are Neil Patel and Brian Dean. Always remember, Do not spam! :smile:

  1. Link building with the usage of your keywords as anchors. (High DA websites preferably, of course). It works for me.
  2. I assume you already have the keywords you need to rank for, but I wanted to second the fact that long-tail keywords are way easier to conquer. You may want to consider it.

If you’re looking for no-brainer explanations of how to get ranked, Ahrefs videos and guides were the ones to help me a lot when I knew absolutely nothing about seo.

In order to rank your keywords perform following task.

  1. Create quality contents
  2. Create quality backlinks on high DA and PR websites
  3. Add blogs to the website.

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