Refreshing script other than ajax and jquery using in php


I am working on an auction website using php. Whenever a user place a new bid, that product price only should be refreshed.
Now I could refresh that by using one ajax/jquery refresh with setimeout function.
But the problem is that the script is not working consistently. Sometimes it works fine and some times not.

Is there any other method for auto refreshing other that client side using in php?

You mind posting the code here?

This is the ajax code I used in the page

$ajax=new jqSajax();
$ajax->export(“m_getMaxbid”, “trans->m_getMaxbid”);//export function


<script type=“text/javascript”>
function m_reload_all_data()
var k = $.x_trans_m_getMaxbid();

	var pid=k[1];
	var maxbid=k[2];
	var minbid=k[3];
	&lt;!--var bal = k[4];--&gt;
	$('#maxdiv'+pid).html('&lt;span class="rs"&gt;&lt;img src="images/rs.jpg" alt="Rs." /&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;'+maxbid);
	$('#mindiv'+pid).html('&lt;span class="rs"&gt;&lt;img src="images/rs.jpg" alt="Rs." /&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;'+minbid);

//alert('function call');
setTimeout("m_reload_all_data()", 10000);	


The script is invoking a php method using javascript . The php method is continuously checking for the change in bid price