Refresh function for a particular section

Hello All,

Is it possible to have a function which refreshers a particular section only.

I have a header which shows notifications for messages, chats and profile views. Is it possible that this section only gets refreshed, not the whole page.

i have this function but this loads the data from other page…
I want that section to be refreshed only, not to load data from other page.

    <script src=""></script>
 function autoRefresh_div()
      $("#result").load("load.html");// a function which will load data from other file after x seconds

  setInterval('autoRefresh_div()', 5000); // refresh div after 5 secs


Hi, the load method accepts a selector after the url to just select a part of the page.

$( “#result” ).load( “load.html #result” );

It may be better to have a separate url that returns just the content you are after though, as you’re just throwing away most of the content anyway.

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thanks man… this worked