Referrer Spam Blocking Services?

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the amount of referrer spam for some of my websites that are low traffic. The referrer spam makes up a significant percentage of the traffic. Adding a filter in Google Analytics doesn’t filter out past traffic as as most know, the spammer domains are constantly changing. However I was thinking the other day, e-mail spam sources are constantly changing too yet there are good SPAM filtering services that are fairly quick and accurate to identify and block new email spammers.

What I would love is a Cpanel plug-in or CSF function (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) option that subscribes to an up-to-date list of known referrer spammers and blocks them at the server level. However, it seems as that list grows, it may start to have a small performance hit on the server.

The problem remains though, you can see increases in site traffic and then dig deeper to find it is most all from illegitimate referrer spam! That’s not good. I would be surprised if there isn’t some sort of subscription service in place are coming soon to tackle this spam similar to how email spam is being blocked.

I’m not sure, but you would think there would be something for this. Referrer spam is an increasing problem for small sites.
There is an article here about blocking your site from certain countries, though that could be overkill in some instances. But some methods mentioned may help. It mentions services like Cloudflare, which I have not yet looked deeply into, possibly it could help with this.
I use filters in Analytics, and for the most part it works fairly well. But rather than adding a rule for every spam domain, you can use regex to filter common parts of the often similar names.

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