Reduce HTTP Requests

Hi People,

I have designed my website at and have been optimising the site for search engines.

Now I have done an SEO check with a website and it has said that there are more than 20 http requests. Being new to SEO I don’t know if this is a big ranking factor. Is it something I can reduce or something I shouldn’t worry about?

Thanks in advance

Is the site graphic-intensive? (I can’t see it, my work is blocking it.)

If it is, you can use an image sprite to cut down on the HTTP requests.




on the homepage there are two images (one for the main “hero” image and a smaller image further down)

Thanks I will try Image Sprite

If there are only two images, then the numerous HTTP requests aren’t for images (well, okay… all but two of them are not for images.)

Without knowing everything that you’re coding, it’s difficult to say what would be generating all the requests. If you have 15 queries running on page load, that could be part of it. Or if you’re using any webservices.


Sorry what do you mean by 15 queries running on page load and can i reduce these?

Also what would define “web services”?

Thanks for your help

With a name like “SelfDriveTransporterHire”, I’m assuming that you have your site connecting to a database. If you have any queries set to run on page load, each query would account for at least one request.

Uh… well… for example, let’s say you wanted to display the weather forecast for a particular area. You can use a webservice to get that information and display it. There are all kinds of webservices, out there, so the example that I used is just one of millions… it could be anything.


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