Reduce CPU load

Hi i have wordpress site , it is cousing cpu load, what is the best way to reduce the load.

Well, I suppose you could start by isolating the issue, figuring out what is causing the CPU to spike. If it’s a high-traffic site, perhaps some server optimization and components like APC, eAccelerator or memcached would be useful. But I’d really start by determining what the root cause is.

dnordstrom is right. Without knowing exactly what is causing the issue you will have a very rough time solving it. That said however, most of the time resource issues in Wordpress can be solved with the W3 Total Cache plugin. This will probably only mask the problem however until you know what the issue is.

For simple debugging just turn off your plugins one by one watching the server for a few hours with each to see which reduces the load. The usual suspects include plugins that aggregate feeds like Twitter and others.