Redirect based on referrer domain in blogger blog using JavaScript

I have 3 blogger blog with domain looks like

If someone clicks any of the links below from a particular site (example, they should not face any redirect but when they access the link from anywhere in the web they should be redirected to . There wont be a single permalink match between 3 blogs.

For Example, user from anywhere except to to to to to to

user referred from (noredirect) (noredirect) (noredirect) (noredirect) (noredirect) (noredirect)

Since the blogs are blogspot blog i dont have access to .htaccess and have no option like wordpress plugins. So is it possible to achieve the above in blogger blog? Thanks in advance.

You can also answer on

can anyone help please?

What are you going to do regarding the growing number of people who block the referrer header for privacy reasons?

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