Recover files "SHIFT+DELETED" :(

I’ve downloaded a torrent file & accidentally I deleted it by pressing “shift + delete”
Can I restore that torrent file? or Is there any other way to get it back?

PLease help me

The shift+del shortcut bypasses the recycle bin.

The only way to recover files that have been fully deleted is with recovery software. The trick is, though, that the more data that is written to the drive, the lower the chance of recovery (that’s because the file actually stays until overwritten by something else).

Recuva is one piece of software that’s pretty good at recovery if the file(s) are still intact:

Yes, why not, you can try using Kernel for Windows. I have used it personally and thats y i will recommend you to use it. Try its free evaluation version first so that you ensure whether it works for you or not.

maybe you can use system restore.

Have you opened it once bu Utorrent?

Even if you removed it from utorrent I usually find torrent files on cache :slight_smile:

Why don’t you redownload it again by the way?

Many people are irritated by the full Recycle Bin icon on their desktop and have to empty it 20 times a day. That is wrong! So I recommend everybody to set Recycle Bin to something like 20% of their C: drive, then to remove the Recycle Bin icon from their desktop and to forget about it. When you need to recover files, go to My Computer and recover them from the Recycle Bin ;-). As for me, Advanced File Recovery is a very good remedy for those who doesn’t follow the advice. It can undelete important documents, photos, and other needed files. The tool can work directly with different media types: hard drives, memory sticks, digital camera memory cards…

I think there’s a software that can recover files even if you deleted in “SHIFT+DEL” try searching it on web browsers believe me I’ve read it once.

Perhaps you read about it in post 2 of this thread where one such program has already been mentioned.

Thanks you for your advise. From now on I will not empty my Recycle Bin everyday. :wink:

well sorry to say i guess not sir, and its not the same application that’s been mentioned, just sharing something hope that’s fine you thanks

You still haven’t mentioned a specific program that does it and so since the second post did mention one , it is the only one that has actually provided an actual answer to the question that was asked.

I forgot what is the exact name of that application but I’m telling the truth about the existence of such application. I guess At least I’ve help even a bit of information to the thread starter. how about you?

There are lots of such programs listed on Google

Yes I do agree here . There are so many software listed at google . I have used the Stellar Phoenix windows data recovery software to recover my songs when I mistakenly deleted them using ( Shift + Del ) key.

I think it should be used here since it can recover all types of files.

The simplest solution is to not hold down the shift key when deleting files. Then they get copied to the recycle bin instead of being immediately deleted. That gives you a second chance to decide if you really meant to delete the file before you empty the recycle bin (or delete individual files from there if you still have some you are unsure of).

Well its a nice suggestion but the data loss could be due to some other reasons also like hard drive crash . In that case the stellar phoenix product for windows data recovery can be an absolute rescue.