Recommended host for ASP App? Can I use Linux?

I’ve got a client that has an ASP / MS Access based shopping cart. We only use LAMP for development and host on our dedicated Rackspace Linux server. But we may need to temporarily host their ASP+MS Access app for a few months.

Does anyone know if it is easy to host it on a Linux box or does it have to be on a Windows Server?

If it has to be on a Windows Server, what is the consensus on generally reliable hosting providers. We wouldn’t need a dedicated server as this is a store that gets maybe 10 orders a day. I saw a mention of iX Hosting, but at $4/month unlimited everything I can’t imagine how jam packed their shared hosts must be?

For ASP / MS ACCESS, I would suggest to choose Windows based hosting.

Windows platform is for Better go for a VPS
Good luck

I know there are ASP plugins for linux. But not sure if they can be integrated in your particular situation.