Recommended Browser for JS?

What is the most recommended Internet Browser for JavaScript when programming?

Do you use Google Chrome or FireFox ?
Or other ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes - due to slight differences in the JavaScript that the different browsers support you generally need to test in multiple browsers.


aah, so I need to test it in all major browsers. Got it.!!!
How about while you are developing the codes of javascript which internet browser you use?

While developing I use Chrome, the dev tools out of the box are just amazing. I highly, highly recommend you give this (free) Code School course a try. It’ll interactively walk you through everything you can do with Chrome Dev tools:

Generally you have 3-4 major browser engines: Blink (Chrome, Opera), Trident (IE), Gecko (Firefox), Safari (Webkit…Blink is actually a fork of Webkit). Like felgall metioned they each run a bit differently and may even use different versions of JavaScript depending on the engine/version.

Unless I’m doing some hardcore JavaScript stuff though I usually feel comfortable just testing in Chrome and IE.

they are just about identical across all modern browsers so you can use them in whichever browser you choose.

Vivaldi also uses Blink (its a modern equivalent to how Opera used to work when it was on Presto)

That list also leaves out edgeHTML (MS Edge).

The only version of IE that Microsoft now supports is IE11 (as their new Edge browser is intended to replace it).

Note also that IE8 and earlier ran a different but similar language called jScript in place of JavaScript so if you need to support that dead browser you’ll need to use feature sensing to determine whether to run JavaScript code or the jScript equivalent for those commands where the two languages differ - it is almost impossible to get an environment to test jScript in any more so for new development you may as well treat IE8 and earlier the same as browsers with JavaScript turned off.

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