Recommendations for selling a domain name

I have an old domain name that I no longer use and wonder if it’s worth selling (versus let expire). What site(s) do people use to sell domain names and is it genuinely worthwhile?

thx in advance for any suggestions…

You can try flippa before it go for expiry.

I’ve used Flippa for complete websites but this site hasn’t been updated in 3 years. The name may be the only thing worth salvaging which is why I’m asking about domain names (vs website). or - I’ve had a little better luck on sedo, but they’re virtually the same thing. I would also head over to the & board. Those boards are pretty much dedicated to people buying and selling domain names.
I would post your domain name there to see if you have any interest, and perhaps you can do a direct sale and save on the commission that sedo and afternic charge.

Sedo is good but you should get better rates on Flippa. You don’t need to sell your website as well as your domain, many people just sell their domains on Flippa. You could also try GoDaddy auctions.

thx @domainerphd and @Siick26 – this is the info I was looking for. I’ll check them out. Thanks again :slight_smile:

If you have an aged domain go sell at digitalpoint forum rather than flippa as listing on digitalpoint forum is free but on flippa you have to pay $9 for same.

The age of a domain doesn’t matter unless you are selling it with a web site. When selling a domain name by itself it is only how useful the name itself might be to someone else that will determine whether anyone will be interested. All age benefits will be lost when the ownership changes unless it still points to the same web page.

@samran - aged domains sell on Flippa for $29 (not $9 - that is for ‘new’ domains)
@felgall - good advice & yes, I understand about the relevancy of domain names to potential buyers. Thanks.

Try putting it up in a forum marketplace. If your domain has got PR and DA, you could fetch a good price.

thx nikhilnaik - i tried a few forums before finally settling on Flippa.