Recommendations for hosters?

I am currently with iPage, but am getting really fed up with their service
First of all their php configuration is out of date
Second of all, their servers, or hub I dunno what it is called is very slow to update. This is the problem I am getting. Every time I upload an image via ftp to replace a previous image, it does not replace the previous image even though via the ftp software it shows it has.

As in, in the control panel section of iPage every time I click the magnifier as to view it in another tab/window

I am fed up with their support ticket/chat service because the previous week they were very patronising and it seems that they were only interested in selling things that obviously wouldn’t solve the matter

This could be a cache problem - try F5

I think shared hosts are lothe to update php to soon as it can break peoples websites and a lot of users do not know how to fix it.

Are you looking for shared hosting, reseller, VPS or what? And where - UK, US?

But if they are using cPanel then they provide a way to select which version you want to run on your account. So just because everyone else on the shared hosting server are still using 5.3 doesn’t prevent you using 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6 if you want to.

I have never had shared hosting that allowed the changing of the php version.

As @TechnoBear says is this just a complaint or are you looking for a new host?

cPanel has an option for changing PHP version - are you saying you have never used hosting that had cPanel or are you simply saying you were unaware of the PHP version option.

I am saying my cpanel does not have an option to change version. I had a look around before my last post to see if I was missing something and some hosts have the option to select the php version and some do not.
It must be an option within the cpanel software.

I have just checked three different cpanels on different hosts and none of them have the option for the cpanel user to select the php version.

Changing PHP version is not a feature of cpanel. This need some addon software installed, Cloudlinux have support for this.

PHP version selection in Cpanel only works if your host have installed a addon like this.

So the last three hosts I have used must all have installed such an add-on (BlueHost, HostGator, WebHostingBuzz) as I have never come across one that didn’t have that option available.

Since it is so commonly available and obviously works well the solution might be to ask the current hosting provider if they can install it. If they say no then there are plenty of hosting providers around who do have it available that you can switch to in order to get access to that option. Many will also do the entire transfer to their hosting for you as there are options available for backing up and reinstalling an entire cPanel hosting account that make transferring it easy to do (although only the hosting provider has access to perform the final step in the process so if you do it yourself then you still need to ask them to do that last step.

My experience has been that cPanel doesn’t offer that option (directly) but allows clients to specify which version to use in the .htaccess file (in the DocumentRoot, of course).

The means of controlling this is irrelevant to the question of using a specific version of PHP.



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As regards to @mentor’s post, if that was the case that I did use F5 and it resolved the problem, I doubt I would be on here asking people for a hoster

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I see the problem with a few things have been resolved with the matter of their way of handling cache. In their control panel, they have a way of letting users deal with the cache automatically etc…