Recommendations for CSS Drop down menu which works on touch devices

Hi guys,

I am looking for a CSS drop down menu that works on desktop and touch devices (which would obviously trigger the drop down menu with a click using JavaScript). I can’t seem to find one that’s any good.


I’m very tempted to say “dropdown menus are a BAD IDEA for all mobiles let alone touch devices (who are often mobiles with screens smaller than the submenus)”. They have usability issues even on desktops with mice! (though, you are asking more for a “click-down” menu which are indeed better)

But I remember reading something on ppk’s site about TouchEvents. There’s also some slides about them on SlideShare which I saw in a DuckDuckGo result but I can’t see them myself as SS doesn’t run on my browsers : )

With CSS Media Queries it’s easier than ever to use CSS to change a desktop-dropdown to something that makes more sense on a screen the size of a mouse turd. Another option I consider when thinking about mobile and/or Touch devices is having a Sitemap link at the top of the dropdown menu which can give you a whole separate HTML page you can style specifically for accessibility, small screens and touch. Without having to wander around Javascript incompatabilities so much.