Recommend Thickbox Wordpress Plugin or implementation

I’ve been hired to convert a pretty sturdy Website design into a Wordpress theme. I’ve not done much of the XHTML/CSS. I’m just structuring it properly with the WP template tags, etc. However I’m having some peculiar issues when trying to create a Thickbox pop-up div or iframe. It’s just not working but I can’t decipher what in the XHTML/CSS is causing the issue so I want to use a WP Thickbox plugin to test things out or use for my purposes.

Can anyone recommend a WP Thickbox plugin or even a tutorial on implementing Thickbox in WP? I’ve done this before but can’t pinpoint why it’s not working in my current theme.

Do you have a link to anything we can look at? As it should work if set up properly.

Though at the top of the ThickBox page it says:

While Thickbox had its day, it is not maintained any longer, so we recommend you use some alternatives.

* colorbox
* jQueryUI Dialog
* fancybox
* DOM window
* shadowbox.js

-The Management. 9.30.2009 (and Paul Irish)

Ah, no wonder. I didn’t realize thickbox was no longer managed. I’ll try JQueryUI Dialog and get back to ya.