Recommend me an outsource company

I have several jobs that Id like to pass off to a good outsourcing company. Just wordpress and shopping cart sites plus a few mods to those platforms via plugins etc.
I need a company that has good rates to keep my own profitability up…
I was contacted by “People in the cloud” recently and they offered a free month. I might try that out although I have never heard of them so the trust issue raises its head…
They are in Manilla and charge $8 per hour, but the catch is you must contract them for 4 hours per day x 20 days per month, although the guy on the phone said I could pause and restart this contract, perhaps on a weekly basis.
So can anyone comment on this company OR recommend another one that you have specific experience with. If this forum would see that as advertising perhaps PM me?

What kind of company are you looking for? How much management are you willing/capable of providing? What is your tolerance for language/culture barriers? What level of quality are you looking for?

Well as I said
“wordpress and shopping cart sites plus a few mods to those platforms via plugins etc.”
So a company that can do that.
Management, same as I usually do if I sub out some work, email back and forward, check their work, talk to client and then use that info to also shape the work.
Level of quality… well do the job I ask of them. I cant really vet php code and say that its all perfect and efficient, but functioning websites that dont have 2meg jpgs, spelling mistakes and 404 errors I guess.
Good english is important, even if its just for emails.

I usually use a wordpress or zencart theme as the basis of a job, so there is a foundation for the outsource company to work from.

Based on your reply, I think you’ll have a hard time providing consistent enough quality in the $8/hr range. A firm like the ones you mentioned will provide nominal management for you, and that is a huge factor in your success (management, tech oversight, etc. must come from somewhere). For that price ,you’re getting fairly junior developers and they can’t be expected to provide leadership/ownership. You might consider upping your budget into the $20+ hour range, where you’ll find developers that are much more capable. Philippines is a good outsourcing market for language skills and cultural fit, but most developers there are extremely junior.

Some of this is a numbers game so you probably want to get more people bidding on the work. I would recommend a place like Odesk. As stated previously, you probably won’t find top quality developers until you get about $12/hour, and probably closer to $20/hour. If you are not experienced managing projects, this could make your results more “hit or miss”. Most important, remember that great developers are always busy, meaning they are harder to find.

Im not saying I am stuck on $8 per hour, Im really just asking for recommendations on who to use. Also if “The people in the Cloud” are any good, if anyone has used them.
Thanks for your replies, informative.
Ill look at Odesk.

I don’t know much about that particular company, but their profile probably isn’t a good match for your needs. oDesk is a good option, and I would look for a group (not an independent) of developers with an onsite manager in the $20+ range. I think that most people who have found ‘that great’ offshore team tend to keep it to themselves. My own team can handle that kind of work, but we have a much higher price range.

There are numerous companies that can help you in the same and meet all your expectations including the profitability level. .

I would Elance up Earth Technologies. They are anindian firm I have been using for 10+ years. Hard work and dirt cheap, you can’t beat them…