Recommend FTP application on mac

I currently use FileZilla FTP on the mac but it has a couple problems. I have a terrible habit of often accidentally moving files within its windows. I need an FTP application that requires a prompt confirming any changes. FileZilla doesn’t seem to offer this.

Can anyone recommend an FTP application for the mac (or both mac and windows) that offers this feature? Thanks in advance.

There are some great ones for the Mac. I recommend Transmit, but there is also [URL=“”]Cyberduck and [URL=“”]Flow.

I’ve tried transmit and cyberduck but am using FileZilla at the moment.
It’s a straight forward no frills app that does what I need.

But I rarely use FTP at all these days, I use git for everything.

I suggest SFTP for the security that it brings.One option is Coda, which has an absolutely smooth way of securely transfer you files to your server, it accepts SSH keys to.

Yep, I agree. But I think it depends on your server setup whether you can use SFTP or not, rather than on your FTP client (although, it must have that option, of course).