Rebrandable CMS?

Hi there,
Does anyone know of any good rebrandable Content management systems that would allow me to pass on to my clients/sell?


Subdreamer CMS is 100% rebrandable, check it out:

it will depend on the license, make sure you read the Terms and conditions before doing that.

We have a rebranding option for our CMS, if you’re still looking.

What about rebrandable / white label shopping cart with CMS system? :slight_smile:

Use Drupal or Wordpress and ask money for the configuration, theming and support. These projects offer quality and are safe.

Good question , im interested in this as well


Are you looking for a specfic platform? features?

Most CMS’s are “rebrandable” to some extent, but not many will allow total anonymity of the CMS brand – so if the customer/client really wants to find out the CMS brand they’ll be able to via the source code or admin/management interface.

If you’re looking to on sell the CMS, and don’t care about anonymity, just about all the CMS’s that I know of offer this type of license.

Drupal? Cannot actually “sell” it, but you could design it, set up a package with best modules ready installed, with database (for example) and sell your services, all under the public licence. I think.

Zimplit providing 100% rebrandable CMS. 100% rebrandable means that admin panel, source code, manuals and even provided templates/themes are with your brand. Some companies are testing it now, official release will be available this week.

I don’t see the point in a rebrandable CMS to be honest.

If I were in my clients shoes, I’d much prefer to know I was using a recognised product, a product that 1000s of other users are using.

Interspires Website Publisher has private label capabilities -

Kentico allows you to be a partner and sell their CMS you’re also allowed to re-brand Kentico CMS with your name, logo and design and deliver it to your customers as if it was your product.

Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is a full-featured CMS product that can scale from a small personal web site to a corporate web site of a multi-national company. It means you can offer a complete solution to clients of any size, at a price that fits any budget.

With Kentico CMS, you can win more sales and offer new services to your existing clients.

Save time

With Kentico CMS, you can build dynamic web sites with advanced features, such as membership, event calendar, newsletter, on-line forms and others – all without complex programming (unless you really want to customize some feature).

You can develop complete web sites in a browser-based user interface, using pre-built page templates and web parts (portlets) which means you can finish more web sites, in shorter time.

If you’re a company or individual who delivers web sites to your clients, you can register as a Kentico Solution Partner. The registration is free and without any obligation on your side - there’s no contract to sign.

As a partner, you get 25% discount off the list price! After we confirm your registration, we will send you the discount coupon that you need to use during your purchase so that the discount can be applied.

Check them out.

Did you try Instant Update? You can easily brand it for a very small price.

You could try iUpdateIt as a reseller. It’s not a full blown CMS, but does give you some great options you can add to your clients sites. They allow you to upload your logos, your email is the “help” button, and you get your own link line for the login. So, you could resell it to your clients and they will think it’s your service.