Reason to banned a website

Please give me some instruction to keep a website running?

It’s not very clear what you’re asking here. In your post title you’ve mentioned being banned. By whom, and from where?

Could you clarify what you mean by “keep a website running”? Are you talking about some kind of maintenance, updating content, or what?

May be any of her site get banned for any reason and she doesn,t know the reason to banned her website.

Banned from where? As far as I know, you can’t be banned from the internet.

The usual reason for being banned from anywhere, I would have thought, would be not abiding by the rules. For example, giving false information, setting up duplicate accounts - that kind of thing.

@Maisha Maissouna:
Do you mean that your Facebook page is out of the air at the moment (“banned by Facebook”)?
A reason for FB could be that you didn’t follow their guidelines (what is allowed to post).
If I see [U]your other question[/U], I have a premonition that maybe you have made some Marketing posts which are forbidden by FB.

Do you mean your website got banned from Google search? If yes, there might be many reasons behind that. You may need to check your back links if there is any problem or not.

As the OP has never bothered to return and explain their question, it’s pointless speculating.

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