Really, What is New in the 2nd Edition of jQuery Novice to Ninja?

Is it only mobile jQuery?


Don’t even see that mentioned in the TOC…
Will there be a free upgrade for people who have already bought this or will we get the same $17 offer as new purchasers?

I didn’t see it in the TOC either, but the “come buy me” email mentions it.

I find that Sitepoint never gives an upgrade price no matter how minimal the new information is from the previous version.

Update - I got an email offering it to previous buyers this morning for $13. Offer expires at the same time as $17 promo offer, next week.

Sitepoint - This is is an ePack and you have no additional overheads. I would hope this would be free or offered for at least a very minimal price, not $4 less than everyone else pays. Look at a company like Apple if you want to inspire brand loyalty because at the moment you are falling woefully behind. It is a good book and I don’t resent having paid for it, however I don’t expect to pay twice for something that offers very little in the way of new content.

I felt that way about the Web Design Business Kit, I had spent $297 USD for it and when the next version came out there was no real discount, if there was one at all, and Sitepoint never answered my question about what was updated or added. No sale on the WBK, but this time, since I own only the PDF version of the first version of Ninja, I decided to buy the hard copy with $5.00 off the list price and the free epack… Unfortunately, I forgot to view Amazon first, and they are selling the hard copy for $24.32 USD. You would think SP would at least match the Amazon price for previous edition owners. My bad on this one, so I guess I am paying for the epack also…


I think I’ll get my jQuery mobile info elsewhere, unless Sitepoint re-think their customer pricing strategies.

Hey guys,
Thanks for voicing your opinions. I’ll get someone from our marketing team to address your questions this morning.

Hi jluce, the main addition to the book is indeed the content on jQuery Mobile. It’s a fairly substantial addition to Chapter 9, including a brand new example app (a mobile card game). However, as well as the additional content on jQuery Mobile, the book is now fully updated for jQuery 1.7 (the previous edition covered 1.4, and so was getting outdated) and changes to best practices since the book was published.

Hi Stuart. Each edition of a book that we publish goes through our complete editorial process. I’m glad you like the book; we put a lot of work into every book we publish and I’m afraid that we cannot offer lifetime updates for free.

Hi Simon
Thanks for your comments. The book has been a valuable resource for me and I will continue to enjoy it :wink:


There’s a difference between “I want every upgrade for free” and “this seems like a pretty small discount considering there’s not a huge difference between the two editions”. I put myself in the latter category.