Really as a web/mobile developer needed know all web frameworks like

Really as a web/mobile developer needed know all web frameworks like…

or only one like AngularJS is enough?

That’s all dependent on what your work requires you to know or what you want to know.

The more you know, the better, in my opinion. I don’t know near enough frameworks - or languages, even.

Start with one and go from there!


Just to give more insight to what @jeffreylees has already stated, you don’t necessarily need to know them all, but you should at least know what they are.

Obviously since you gave a list of them, you understand they are frameworks, what I’d also encourage you to do, is find out when that framework is best suited.

Keep in mind, no two projects are alike. One may be better suited to use ember.js while another makes use of angular.js Both may also utilize underscore.js.

I’ve only recently started using Ember.js. It is quite nice, but completely different than anything I’ve done in the past (I don’t do a lot of front-end development though). I have zero experience with the rest of the Frameworks you’ve listed. (but I have heard of most of them).


Yea, pretty much what @jeffreylees and @cpradio said, although the first two are utilities more than frameworks (in other words, you do one or two things with them but not necessarily build things out of them). In that sense, you should definitely learn those first as you can toss them into any project - even with other frameworks.

The rest are true frameworks, and figuring out which one to use depends on the project and how much time you’re able to dedicate to learning them: hint, there’s definitely a learning curve. One of the best tools I’ve used for learning these is TodoMVC, it shows you how to build the same exact app using all the popular frameworks.

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