Real problem with SOAP WebService

hi,i’m from algeria and i debute with SOAP Webservvice PHP.I see that link
,but i have this probleme****Fatal error: SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn’t
load from ‘http://localhost/WebServiceSOAP/server.php’ : Extra content
at the end of the document in C:\wamp\www\WebServiceSOAP\client.php on
line 6*****,can you help me.TKS a lot

Hi Zdakman, welcome to the forum

I’m a bit confused. The article you linked to (which BTW is a bit out-of-date) has example files named


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I’m sorry,i didn’t share a reel problem but this message under array " Notice: Undefined variable: HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA in C:\wamp\www\soapwebservice2\productlist.php on line 18 " when i enter the url " http://localhost/soapwebservice2/productlist.php "

That’s because HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA has been deprecated since that article was published and you are likely using a version of PHP > 5.6.0


This feature has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.6.0. Relying on this feature is highly discouraged.

$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA contains the raw POST data. See always_populate_raw_post_data.

In general, php://input should be used instead of $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA.

If you change your productlist.php code a little you should be able to continue

if ( !isset( $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA ) ) {
	$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA = file_get_contents( 'php://input' );

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