Reading external doc files in html

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Does anyone know how can I read an external file in an html. For example in the code below I want to create a document and let the html pull that information. The first line it will get the question and everything on the second line will be the answer. (In other words I am trying to put the text information in a document instead of the html file. Any help?

	<ul id="privacy" class="cd-faq-group">
					<li class="cd-faq-title"><h2>Contact</h2></li>
						<a class="cd-faq-trigger" href="#0"> QUESTION!</a>
						<div class="cd-faq-content">
							                             <p> ANSWER</p>


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I’ll try. :slight_smile:

There are different ways to includ external files into the html, the first you could try is Server Side Includes. Exactly how is dependent of the site hosting.

Here are a few links I dug up to read more about SSI:

Introduction to the server side:

Server Side Includes tutorial:

SSI Part 1 - Introduction & Including A File:

Then there are more dynamic AJAX type of methods, but that’s not as easy. :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to provide an example?

Of course. Please post enough (but not too much) of what you have tried, and what problem(s) / error(s) there is with it.


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