Readable Cursive Font Help

Hey everyone. Can anyone suggest to me a good, readable cursive font? I’d like a sort of elegant, but not formal font (if you get what I’m saying) that I can use…

I have Adobe and Microsoft Fonts, so any of those work. If you’ve used any in the past that you liked, please tell me.

Thanks y’all.

Go through this list. Check it out. It’s not adobe or Microsoft…but check it out

Couldn’t you just go through Microsoft Words font list and see what you like in it? Unless you don’t have MS word?

Use for what, images? Because you’ll have to consider the font stack if it is for web design.

Brush Script (from Monotype) is a fairly popular cursive that might meet your requirements. You might also want to consider Lucinda Calligraphy.

I’ve also got a nice cursive on my system called French Script, but I’ve no idea where it came from.

But, as Robert said, you’ve got to consider how the font will be used. If you want to use it to format text on a web page, the question of the font stack comes up. If you are using it for text that is going to be embedded in a graphic, that’s another matter.


If you’re looking to create graphic from the fonts (ie, you don’t need the user to have them installed on their machine), I would recommend having a look at Fonts for Peas. They have a huuuuge range of handwriting fonts, from the elegant to the illegible, which are free for use in personal/non-commercial settings. For use in a commercial context, you need to either buy a licence (from $10 for a single font) or give a credit/link-back to their site – check their “terms of use” for details.

This is for an image, so font-stacks shouldn’t be a problem.

Right now I’m using Lucida (is that what you were talking about, @Mikl; ?) Calligraphy. I have Brush Script from Adobe as well. I looked at French Script on Google and it’s a little too intricate/busy/hard to read for me.

Ryan, as mentioned, I have both Adobe and Microsoft font packs. I’m a fan of Google Web Fonts as well, but I was just wondering if you guys had any good fonts off the top of your heads.

To all: I’m looking more for elegant than playful/handwritten. Then again, I might decide later that I don’t even want a cursive font for what I’m doing :lol: Sigh