Rating Widget Problem - Coldfusion / AJAX (Sitepoint Tutorial)

I installed the files from this Sitepoint tutorial:

The stars show up and once I click on them it says “Thanks for voting”.

The problem is its not doing the insert query into the db - seems it’s not making it to the rate.cfm page.

I put widget.cfm in a ‘scripts’ directory off the root and have tried using both the full URL and …/rate.cfm to get to rate.cfm page (which is on the root) but it’s still not working for me.

Here’s what I have on widget.cfm, which calls rate.cfm:

<script type="text/javascript">
				var rate_content_#attributes.contentId# = new Spry.Widget.Rating("rate_content_#attributes.contentId#", {allowMultipleRating:false, ratingValueElement:"ratingValue_#attributes.contentId#", postData:"contentId=#attributes.contentId#&rating=@@ratingValue@@", saveUrl:"../rate.cfm"});

Any suggestions on what i’m doing wrong or how to approach figuring this out?