Rapidshare Search Script or Rapidshare Clone Script

Im looking for either a Rapidshare Search Script or Rapidshare Clone Script.

If anyone wants to weight in on either of these i would really appreciate it.

Thanks SitePoint.com

Hello Good People out there,

I’ve programmed a rapidshare search script in a collaboration…

  • the script works with the filestube api
  • seo optimized urls -
  • with setup.php for database install
  • valid html code
  • bad word filter
  • show the last 100 (custom value) searches
  • and some more functions…

the problem is, the script works perfect…
but, in the functions.php are some query lines that sends 3-6 requests to filestube if someone searches for 1 file…


There is a good rapid share search engine script over here:



I use the Rapidshot script on our site [B]http://www.rapidthe.net[/B] is that the type you are looking for ??? I think we did a search on google and found it on a Forum.

I think filestube give API key to get their search result. Also they provide a template. use google to find it. But its better to coding it your self, you can make it unique. Me, i’m coded www.avun.com to compete with filetube :slight_smile:

You… coded a wordpress blog… to compete with a file sharing site…

uu… spam?

Found this rs clone script.


Well we had started out using the rapidshot scrip for our [COLOR=“Blue”]Link Generator[/COLOR] but about a week ago we changed over to a unique script which albeit did cost a reasonable amount to develop we feel that offering a multi link generator will br better in the long run.
Only trouble that we can see at the moment is the server bandwidth is taking a massive hit so we will have to expand that.

Hi mkoenig

See this thread are a couple of month old, but I found some Rapidshare clone scripts here: http://softwarelady.com if anyone are interested.
Some of the script are free and others are commercial.

Hope this helps

Have fun :wink:

check RSE Tools at http://sharedir.com website