Random reCaptcha before I login into my Wordpress site

Hi I haven’t logged into my WP site for about a month. So today I decided to check the site and keep it upto date. When I tried to login a reCaptcha appeared. Telling me alot of people have been trying to log into the site and I need to prove I’m not a robot.

I haven’t set a recaptcha to appear. Is this a hack or just wordpress protecting my site? Like I said I haven’t installed any kind of plugin to perform this job. I had to enter the phrase it gave me but now I’m worried I’m being set up by hackers?

What should I do?

-I’m going to change my username and password

I’ve not heard of WP doing this out of the box. This sounds more like the behaviour of a security plugin. Do you have any security plugins installed?

If there are no plugins, then it could be a feature of the hosting company, I have seen this before.

If your host has a live chat support feature, just get on the horn with them and ask about the captcha. It’s either a plugin or your host.

If you have FTP access, look in the plugins and mu-plugins folders.

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