Quotes in a textfield and <br>

I have 2 questions, 1 how do I make it so that a TEXT date type can accept a ‘’ or " (like if I’m is entered) 2. How do I make it so there are little line breaks (Such as a <br> in a TEXT data type so all the content isn’t displayed as 1 big blob of ext?


If you are entering a word like It’s using your CMS you shouldn’t have any problems.

In PHP you could escape quotes like:

$str = "It's";

echo addslashes($str);

Using htmlentities should help for Q1.

If you use addslashes, make sure magic_quotes is turned off and remember to use stripslashes when you extract the data.

man, you guys are fast

dear luke, please stop posting php questions in the mysql forum

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You should be asking your database to escape these strings for you, addslashes has no place here. :slight_smile:

See, [fphp]mysql_real_escape_string[/fphp], [fphp]mysqli_real_escape_string[/fphp] and pdo::quote.

no, those are php functions, not mysql functions

you should be asking php to escape those strings for you


Most of OP’s questions are PHP related I gave him a PHP solution

As did I. :wink:

addslashes may work, but using one of the functions I posted will always work.

addslashes is not secure I’m afraid.

The PHP functions I posted ask the database server (hence the requirement for a valid connection) to properly escape the strings if I’m not mistaken.

maybe that’s why so many people post php questions in the mysql forum

i would definitely call them php procedures, even if they do make use of a mysql library function

You’re not wrong there.

From the documentation:

[indent]mysql_real_escape_string() calls MySQL’s library function mysql_real_escape_string, which prepends backslashes to the following characters: \x00,
, \r, \, ', " and \x1a.[/indent]

Sorry Anthony. :slight_smile: I didn’t read any of your links posted I only reacted to the first sentence

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