Quiz plugin with drawing questions

Please recommend me a wordpress plugin to create online quizzes with multi choice questions and also allow student to draw lines with the mouse on a picture questions


Well there are plenty of quiz plugins, but I don’t think there are any with a draw lines with the mouse because well, what is a picture question? How does a computer know if they get the picture question right?

So are you looking for a plugin that will do the multiple choice only or do you absolutely need picture questions? If you need picture questions, you might have to ask someone to build the plugin to your specifications.

I just need the user to sumbit a picture with the draw line and the tescher will decide if it is right or wrong

Hmmm interesting. I don’t think I have seen any quiz plugins that allow that. Simply because the quiz plugin typically does the grading automatically. With these picture questions in there, the plugin won’t be able to do the grading itself so it is going to turn into a simple form where the answers to the quiz will need to be mailed to the teacher for grading.

Maybe you just need a form builder that will allow you to build a form that accepts pictures and has questions with checkboxes that represent multiple choice? Have you checked out something like gravity forms?

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Thanks but other quiz plugins provide much more features. I am surprised no education themes or plugins has this feature.

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