Quick way to mute all topics?

Is there a setting in preferences whereby I can mute all discussions? I really don’t want a flood of email when I get home from work, and it seems tedious to have to enter each category to manually mute.



There is a dismiss post on the latest page which works like the old mark read. Or the dismiss new on the latest/new pages which mutes the topic totally

warning: dismiss new stops watching the topic regardless of whether you’ve posted in it or not. Use with caution!

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You can mute categories on your user page, that said, there should be no need to mute stuff.

We only email you (out-of-the-box) when a topic you are watching gets a response or you are mentioned. (both of which you can control)

Yup, we haven’t customised those so it still stands. You can change those settings in your preferences @WolfShade

Once it gets accepted into core and eventually merged here (through an upgrade), you’ll be able to Dismiss Posts/Topics by category :smile:

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