Quick! Shoot a Pumpkin---Win an Ebook!

Every heard of bringing a gun to a knife fight? No guns here, but if you are a sure shot with your camera, post your carved pumpkin photo here.If you are a better pumpkin-painter than a pumpkin-carver, that’s okay, too! Focus your camera on the best jack-o-lantern you can find!

Now through October 31 we’ll be running this short competition. After which we will have a three-day voting period. The shot with the most votes will win the SitePoint e-book of their choice. In case of a tie, the winning photo will be decided by the Content Team.

All photos you post here must be YOUR property. To help verify it is your photo, please tell us what type of camera you used to take the photo and add a short background paragraph on what you did to carve or paint your pumpkin.

Not the best pumpkin I have seen but it is OUR pumpkin :slight_smile:

I like it and thank you for entering. Looks like you are one day away from being the sure winner! :smiley:

Thanks Shyflower - there will probably be a last minute rush.

[FONT=Verdana]I like it, too - it’s Gothic and original. :slight_smile:

(In these parts, the tradition is for carving turnips - aka swede/rutabaga - which is hard work and doesn’t lend itself to much fine detail.)[/FONT]

In these parts, the tradition is for carving turnips - aka swede/rutabaga - which is hard work and doesn’t lend itself to much fine detail

I would think it is hard and very difficault to hollow out for a light.

I always remember my daughter not liking anything scary; we must have been the only house with a smily face on a pumkin a few years ago!

Just had a thought - I always put the candle in from the top. It would be easier to cut a hole in the bottom which would save burning my hand when lighting the candle :rolleyes:

Yes, cutting a rutabaga can, in itself, be a PITA. I can’t imagine trying to carve one into a jack-o-lantern.

@Rubble ; Give @HAWK ; a day or so (it’s the week-end for her) to clear the way for you and then pick up your e-book. I guess you were just too tough of a competitor for anyone else to enter! Congratulations!

Thanks Shyflower; I thought there would be more entries than just me.

I did too, but as I said, you must have ‘spooked’ the competition with your gothic pumpkin house!

I’m here. PM me your book choice and preferred email address and I’ll hook you up @Rubble; - congratulations. :slight_smile:

Aah, too late for the competition.
But anyway, this picture was taken already last summer, before the competition began.

My wife and daughter, with my 14 pound (7 kilo) fat pumpkin growing in the garden :slight_smile:

We already made soup of it.
Photo shot with a Lubitel 166B camera, Fuji superia 400 iso film <<<< for the case it matters :smiley:

Lovely family and I am in love with your daughter’s hair. What a cutie!

Care to post that recipe for pumpkin soup? I’ve only ever had desserts like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.

I don’t know the recipe by heart, as my wife made the soup.
She doesn’t make it with a recipe… But it’s just like any other vegetable soup.

Cut the pumpkin in small parts, boil it until it’s soft and mix afterwards, together with other vegetables, water and potatoes and a broth.

Thank you. :tup: I’m going to have to try that. I have used fresh pumpkin for pies, but it’s easy to forget that it is actually a type of squash and not a fruit. I’m going to write this down on a card so I don’t forget about it next year when smaller pumpkins are begin sold around here!

Or let one grow in a garden, or in someone else’s garden.
Or in someone’s garden you don’t like, to plague him/her.

A pumpkin plant can grow to 25m² wide.
We planted a small one… went on vacation, and 10 days later the plant grew 6m longer with lots of tentacles I had to cut :slight_smile: It ruined my grassfield :slight_smile:

When I lived where I had room for a garden, I grew pumpkins every year. I love the fresh taste of pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread that you can only get with garden-grown pumpkin. I also adore the beautiful huge golden blossoms that come before the fruit (squash?). This year, I did see a pumpkin invading a neighbor’s yard along one of the routes I use when I walk our dog. Made me smile… just like your post did! :smiley: