Quick DB decision question

I have a companies table (about 190.000) with the usual info (name, address, etc). Some of these companies will become advertisers. There are some advertising related fields like (advert_type(pay_per_click, etc), period, budget etc) What do you guys and girls think is best? To have those fields in the companies table or to create a separate table advertising table with company_id as foreign key.

I personally think that I should go for the second option since a company could choose for more than one advert_type. Or is there maybe another way, I didn’t think of and someone would choose to use?

I look forward to hear your opinion.

if a company can have many advert types then you will need a second table, otherwise a single table would be ok.

Just what I thought myself, but it’s never a bad idea to hear some other opinions as well. Thanks

yes, there is, but it has the drawback that if you search on all companies that have a certain ad type, for example, it is forced to use a table scan, hence your query is as slow as cold glue

you’re welcome :slight_smile: