Questions about SitePoint side menu

What do I call the side menu found on the SitePoint forum, why should I also it place on right -side of my site and where can I trace it?

The menu itself is nothing new; sidebar menus with links to various parts of an app/site have been used this way since the early web (and probably elsewhere perhaps earlier still). Also, buttons that toggle hidden content or optionally allow dragging to reveal content have also existed for much longer than touchscreen smartphones…
However, this side-menu where site/app features are hidden in a menu engagement drop just recurred to me at the time of my site homepage design and still deciding where to place it :confused: and with several names regarding this menu I have come across there seems no consensus reached but I hope to demystify it here.
Many thanks.

Are you asking about what is often referred to as the “hamburger” menu - the three parallel lines at the top right of the screen?

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Well, I usually come across the likes of navicon, off-canvas menu/panel, side menu/panel, hamburger menu/drawer/panel but I believe the going name for it is hamburger menu as @TechnoBear rightly said and why is it normally found on the top right corner of sites/apps?

I’ve never paid attention to which side it appears. I think in sites where you log in/out, those options generally appear on the right, so if you use a “hamburger” menu for these, or similar things, then it makes sense to put it on the right. The main SitePoint site has its slide-out menu on the left (as does SitePoint Premium).

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