Question - Why are server controls rendered differently?

Hello dear folks,

I am learning a lot in Javascript from this forum.

I just realized that the asp server controls like <asp Label> control gets rendered out as a <span> tag.

I know <asp Label> is a server control and not a HTML control. Does all server controls get rendered onto HTML <span> tag?

can someone point me to any links/knowlegebase about this concept…totally surprised.

If I recall correctly, when using Visual Basic, a label is just considered to be a piece of text that you place on the screen as a part of the user interface.
HTML has a quite a different meaning and purpose for the element called label.

There’s some ASP-related info on things at Label Web Server Control Overview
However, the people in the Classic ASP forum are likely to be able to give a better answer to your query than I am here.

Thanks always Paul.