Question(s) about a sitepoint Javascript project

Hi everyone,

(I apologize in advance, I am a print designer learning some development so anything beyond HTML/CSS is very new to me, including GIThub)

I am currently working through this project:

I noticed that when I looked at the readme from the original author on Github, he notes that 'this project is currently broken. Video Streaming does not work anymore since the library it depends on is no longer maintained"

Is this statement accurate of the file repository for the version attributed to the sitepoint editors?

I guess what I am hoping to determine, before going further, is if this project should still work. That is, if its not working for me I am making the mistakes.



Thanks for the question. I will take a look for you and let you know ASAP.



I have tested the SitePoint one that we link to in the article and ran that and it seems to all work fine for me. So looks like you are safe to continue.



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