Question on VPS

I have a VPS at a reputable company. My package is currently at (CPU-1.98 GHZ, RAM-1344 MB, Disk Space-59 GB, Bandwidth-1050 GB) I have noticed that two time over the last 3 months I caught my VPS down. They told me I am running out of memory, but I dont have a lot of traffic. I am only using about 17gb bandwidth across all the sites. 95% are Wordpress. I asked about mod_deflate to increase loads speed but they said that would eat even more memory. I was also thinking of going with cache plugins because I can’t do a CDN for 30 sites, but thats more memory also. What can I do to decrease my memory usage? I really didnt think my sites were that resource intensive. Is my only viable option to upgrade?
Also just checked these settings:
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 1376256 375096 1001160 0 0 0
-/+ buffers/cache: 375096 1001160
Swap: 0 0 0
Total: 1376256 375096 1001160


It seems as if the problem is with your CPU usage (you only have a limited percentage available on a VPS). WP is reputed to be a memory hog (Joomla is supposed to be worse but I don’t use it … albeit I’ve provided a Joomla Specialized Hosting package [via] to a client). While I’d recommend use of a dedicated server, you may be better served by a WordPress Specialized Hosting Package which can be tailored to your traffic requirements.



Got cPanel on your VPS? How many WordPress sites? cPanel alone will consume most of that memory in a VPS environment without leaving much overheard for WordPress. WordPress modules can be hugely resource intensive so I can see how your memory can run out.

Upgrade to a VPS with 2GB of RAM and monitor usage carefully. You should have more headroom. I very much doubt you are close to using even 50% of the CPU at that level - the memory is a bottleneck.


which company are you with now? i want to buy a vps, can you recommend one? thank you

I’m with Hostgator now…they have been the best of three companies I have used. Solid support and good pricing.

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Uh … I’ve been reading (here) about problems creeping in with HostGator.

I’m using accounts on both sides of a VPS (dedi, specialized and shared hosting) at WebHostingBuzz and can recommend them highly. Moreover, I’ve never seen anything adverse about WHB which is a great sign, too.



hm, it’s a little expensive to me, my budget is $5

I don’t know where you can get a bps for five bucks. And I did have an issue with mine…but support got it squared away for me. I just didn’t have time to post that with the holidays and all.

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thank you for your kindness

You cannot get a good VPS for $5 on modern hardware that is not overloaded. The figures do not compute. Those companies that do offer such packages are the ones overloading their servers and constantly going down.

I do not think so. cPanel (VPS Optimized) has a extremely lo memory footprint. I have seen VPSes with just 1GB RAM running cPanel working absolutely fine, it is highly unlikely that the the issue is due to the memory consumption (unless the server is not properly optimized)

Just FYI, cPanel VPS optimized uses about half a gig of RAM before you put any sites on the server. Add a few WordPress sites and all of their modules and you can easily use the remaining 768MB in the example above.

So I stand by my recommendation to upgrade :slight_smile: