Question on Twitter Bootstrap3 (

Hi guys,

This is a great tutorial to kickstart Bootstrap 3! But I have a question.

I am not able to replicate the dotted lines between the <body> and <footer>.

Any ideas?


Is this what you mean?

[COLOR=#C80000]border-top[/COLOR]: 1px dashed #CCCCCC;
[COLOR=#C80000]margin[/COLOR]: 40px 0px;
[COLOR=#C80000]padding[/COLOR]: 20px 0px;

Thanks Molina. What I meant was that I followed the tutorial but the portion at the footer does not show the dotted lines.

The portion molona posted was the portion that gives the dotted lines above the footer. Something in your work through is missing. Can we see the html and the css you’re using? A link to a publicly accessible version would work as well…

Hi, stan999,

If you can post the code that you are using we should be able to spot the problem.

Please read the link at the bottom of my message that talks about how to post code. A full working page sounds like it would be best in this case… starts with <doctype>, ends with </html>, and contains the CSS and HTML.


He uses a Custom stylesheet in which he puts the footer style

Hey Sorry for asking Out of Block question but Is this used to Create Apps on Twitter or for what?

Also Which Software or Bot are you using to automate your tasks in Twitter??