Question For Access Based On IPs

Is it possible to make a domain only accessible to certain IPs? Say if I had a company that had an administration system, how would I make it only accessible to my company’s networks around the country? Can I use hosts.deny for a single domain? Thanks

And just to follow up on that article. You can also do a range of IP’s if needed by omitting the last parts of the IP, eg.:

allow from 888.88.

Works great until you get someone either spoofing the IP or infiltrating the “friendly” network. Or, don’t use this as a sole replacement for a login.

Some ISPs give their customers a new IP upon nearly every page request. Any ISPs that operate in more than one country (AOL is the only one that I can think of but there might well be others), they might use some IP address for customers in more than one country.

You also need to bear in mind that some might use proxy servers to access the Internet.

Some ISPs give their customers a new IP upon nearly every page request

Got an example of this?

Here is one example. If you goole around you’ll see that it’s common knowledge.


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EDIT: Found a better example, scroll down to the bit entitled “The Special Case of AOL”

Oh, I won’t argue that AOL used to do this–that article is 10 years old. But I think that died when they went to being more of a straight ISP and not punching people through proxies and walled gardens.

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Yes you can and there are multiple ways of doing that. The easiest one is to use .htaccess files.

Will that also work with IPv6?