Question about 'Follow' button

Nowadays, I saw a lot of people have active the ‘Follow’ button on their Facebook. I know how to turn on/off the ‘Follow’ button, but how to make the ‘Follow’ button beside ‘Add Friend’ disappear so that people who added/followed you can’t unfollow you anymore?
Click Here then you’ll know what I mean…

Hi @LanG_1314 ; , welcome to the forum.

From the link that you have posted, my guess on how the profile is able to garner a following on Facebook without the “Follow” button is by ignoring friend requests. By ignoring or deleting a friend request, the account sending the request will automatically become a follower of your profile.

Looking at the profile, it is likely to be created by an individual that gets a lot of friend requests (the “II” in the name could mean that it is a second account).

Hi Wayne Liew,
A lot of famous people in Facebook always ignore friend requests but their ‘Follow’ button is still always be there. Why? o_o

because many peoples deny the friend request and they will be automatically to their followers. Followers can like and comment but they can’t chat with you.

Yes exactly, I found follow buttons on some profiles. Also some peoples have too much followers. I’ll like to know if there is any process to make follow button visible on profile.

So how can I invisible my ‘Follow’ button but others can still following me by adding me as friend?