Question about CSS Page Layout


I’m still not satisfied with the CSS that I’m using to align the nav table and keep the footer at
the bottom of the page. But here I’m going to have to change the dropdown menu, esp., one
item due to the menu hiding behind one of my advertisements.

The main problem I’m having with the page is that some of the functions, such as, “Search”
and “Automatic Notification” are not centered as they were originally. Also, the categories
have too much space between them. Originally they were okay, but by playing with the
nav table I have changed some of the other parts of the site. I am not knowledgeable
about CSS at all, but have been borrowing from other sites to stretch my nav table and
keep the footer at the bottom. But in doing this it has changed some of the other things.
Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my site:

Hi nexxus. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

To center the forms, you could do something like this in your CSS file:

td[colspan="3"], td[colspan="3"] form table {
  text-align: center; 
  margin: 0 auto;

Hi, thanks for the help, I have centered the two items that I had mentioned, but I’m not quite sure
how to get rid of the css showing up on the front of my page. I would also like to reduce my spacing
between categories. If someone could just copy and paste my whole css it would help a lot. Right
now I’m just experimenting until something works.

It’s not just the CSS that has problems, the HTML has 307 errors even before the CSS comes into play.

How would you benefit if we write your code for you?

The lines that are printing at the top of the page are located from line 81 through 84 on the web page that we see. You can see these lines by opening the page in a browser with an ordinary internet connection, right clicking the window, and executing “Show Source” or “View Page Source”. Because this is a .cgi page, I don’t know where those lines exist in your system.

I recommend that you pay someone to rewrite your page for you and do so in such a way that it becomes possible for you to maintain it, with the understanding that you have limited HTML skills. That should be possible.