Question about content slider

I would like to create a folio where I use a content-slider to slide between sections. Please see image attached.

Each “slide” has a content area which contains its own simple image slider and some text.

The circles navigate you to the next client.

I need it to be responsive so the whole lot scales to the width of the container.

Would I set up the content-slider, and then an image slider with content to sit within that? Any any idea of a plugin that would work for this?

Thanks in advance.


The “responsive” aspect is the hard bit. But there is one slider I know of—Wow Slider—that covers this beautifully, so I recommend you check it out:

Thanks – Wow Slider looks really good.

So could I use that for the image slides, and then wrap that in a tabbed section that is controlled by a JQuery tabbed thingy?

I guess if I did that, the tabbed content holder would need to be responsive as well…


I see, I didn’t really grasp the double functionality. You can also add in a tabs script to the page to create that. I’m not sure how Wow Slider will mix with it, as I haven’t used it, but it might be ok. It can get a bit messy to mix functionality together like this, so do plenty of testing as you go.

There are two ways I can think to do this. Probably the better one would be to have each client gallery on a separate page, and for the tabs basically to be a menu. That would be more reliable.

Otherwise, firstly put all the wow galleries on one page, each inside a div. Then get a tabs script that hides all but one of those divs at a time. That’s how I’d approach it.

Yeah I think this is the way I’ll try. I was just concerned the tabs might conflict with the slider, so was hoping there might be an all-in-one solution.

Funny – there are a million content sliders, but I can’t find any which will work for a folio where I can have multiple images for each category on the one page… All I want to do is have an image slider and some text for each client, but do it all on one page.


O well, let us know how you go with the tabs idea. There’s a nice tabs script I use sometimes, but I’m not at home at the moment, so don’t have the link.