Question About A Specific Auto-Blog Commenting Software

Trying to decide if [this specific software ] is worth it. Any insights, comments, thoughts, feedback and / or constructive criticism appreciated. Thank you!

This is spam software. Do not ask a webmaster forum for help spamming other websites.

This is one of the reasons I rarely come here. How am I actually spamming this site? I ask a simple question and immediately get accused of spamming. Just delete the damn question, I’ll go elsewhere

Where does it say you’re spamming this site? I said that’s spam software. You’re asking webmasters to help you spam their sites. It’s like going to a car enthusiast forum and asking about the best carjacking tools.

Please do go elsewhere. Since your moral compass finds no wrong with spamming hundreds of sites at a time, perhaps you’ll spam by e-mail as well and end up in prison.

I’m a web designer myself…I have 51 different URLs. Some are WordPress based and another is a BlogSpot based platform. That is “commenting” software…it doesn’t indicate that it’s spam software. As a site owner, it’s good to get feedback regarding potential software that could assist someone and finding out whether or not it’s being used by anyone else. In any case, let the admins delete this thread. It’s really going nowhere. I need to seek feedback from another resource. Take care anyway