Query string dilema

Hi everyone,
i’ve built an app using extjs
when it a user browses to the url domain.tld/#v=xxxxxx
a new tab opens in a extjs panel to show content for the video with id xxxxx

as soon as i submit a form from another page or even the same one and popuulate another variable, q, the tab no longer opens when the url looks like domain.tld/index.php?q=some+text#v=xxxxxx

any idea why it no longer gets the value of v?
i’m using

		<input type="hidden" id="getV" value="
<?php if(isset($_GET['v'])){echo $_GET['v'] ;}elseif(isset($_POST['v'])){echo $_POST['v'] ;}?>

to get v’s value and if it is set then a javascript function is called to open the tab.

any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Because v is not a querystring object accessible via $_GET - it is instead a fragment identifier

thanks, fixed it