Quality Charting

Dear Graphics Gurus,
I need charting software that creates sharp lines. All the free software I could find either had poor selection of colors or created fuzzy images. Know of any quality inexpensive charting software?



Is this for use on a computer or creating from something like php on a website?

Oh yeah, sorry, jpg, png, or gif, website.

I tried a couple of pieces of code a few years ago and everything was to complicated for what I wanted which was a simple line chart. I wrote a piece of code using Imagemagick and was going to write the code so anyone could use it but it started to get complicated very quickly and it died a death.
What sort of charts did you want to make as you could use GD or imagemagick.

EDIT: I have just looked back and found some of the code - 2010

I’ve never used it myself but highcharts comes to mind.

I couldn’t get anything to work with highcharts. I need some nice looking pie charts.

chartJS seems like a great tool for creating charts like this:


I have used Highcharts before. It did take me a while to get my head around it and get it working, (I’m not that good with javascript). But I did in the end get it to produce some nice line graphs from SQL db data. I’ve not tried it with pie charts, but it can do them.

Why not Photoshop?

Sam’s highcharts looks good. Photoshop is too expensive for most with an occasional need for charting. I ended up using http://www.onlinecharttool.com/ . When you start out, you have to choose a chart type then scroll down, make 2 more choices (or not), then hit the next button. In June made these charts with it - http://actualcures.com/heart-attack-medication-results.html It took a while to get what I wanted but I stayed with it because I like the separated wedge look.