Putting flash slide show

I tried to put a flash slide show on my page but just the name of the file appears instead of slideshow. Here is the link to the page and just in the begining “my album” is the flashslide show that I want to show. Need some help with this.

Can you give a little clarification on this? Your “my album” is a LINK (at the beginning of the first paragraph), so it is opening your slideshow on the next page if you click it. I’m not sure what plugin you may be using, but I think you need to investigate EMBEDDING this file into the page rather than having it as a link. Search for “embedding swf in html” and you should find what you’re looking for. You’ll use the <embed> and/or <object> tags. It varies a bit and I don’t use Flash that much.

On a side note, you may want to reconsider Flash as a slideshow vehicle for users on tablets. Javascript, or a JS library like jQuery may be a better choice for a slideshow so you have more cross-platform compatibility. Good luck.

I get many tips here. Thank you.

Thanks mate. I used flash slide show and you are right, I need to embed it but dont know how exactly am I supposed to do that.
One more thing, I need to know what other application can be used for the same puspose.

What exactly you have asked? Didn’t understand!

Like Ryan said, Flash might not be a good choice for slide show thing. Are there any other platforms which can be used to create slideshows?

You can use jquery, which is one of the best alternate to flash!