Putting .fla into dreamweaver

Hi all, I am very new to Flash and I have an interface for a website (in .fla extension) downloaded from istockphoto, however, I just opened it and I don’t know what to do with it! (ie, HOW DO I PUT IT AND MANIPULATE IT IN DW?)

I’ve not used Flash much before, except for a couple of little design lessons, so I’m sure if I know how to do this I will come on in leaps and bounds. I’m using both FL MX and DW MX.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Paula www.rowz.net

The fla file is the raw file Flash will produce. In order to use it normally in a website you will need to open it in Flash, then Publish it to give you a *.swf file. Then you will be able to insert it into Dreamweaver using Inset > Flash etc.

Dan :slight_smile:

Thanks Dan! I got it into Dreamweaver. The only thing is that it is filling up the whole screen and I’m not too sure how to manipulate it and add other text, graphics, tables etc. Sorry to sound like a plank, I’ll have to buy some flash books!

You can treat the .swf just like its a graphic. You can resize it in dreamweaver and you can insert it in tables and so fourth. Does that help?

Thanks- so the trick is to design the flash exactly the same size as you need it. There is only one point though- what if it is a site template? How do you make it default to fill the whole screen? I know these are simple questions, and I understand HTML really well, I’ve just never worked with Flash before.