Pushing the content down

I am working on website, and the more data i add to the right sidebar, the more downwards is the content and leftbar is pushed. what am i doing wrong and how do i fix it?

You website only says “under construction”.
But it sounds like you are trying to float something AFTER non floated content OR that you are using float:(direction); clear:(same direction). take a look at your source order, floated elements must come first and no float will display higher than any element that comes before it in the source HTML. Again w/o seeing code am just taking a guess at the most likely culprit

my bad. i didn’t noticed that. now its online.Now pls let me know what wrong?

Still says page under construction. :frowning:

Same for me. You said it’s online, so I assumed you checked it was actually online. Are you not getting that?

I m so sorry. the plugin wasn’t disabled. now it is online

Try adding

#wrapper {
  background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;
 [COLOR="#FF0000"] float: left;[/COLOR]
  margin-top: 0;
  padding: 0 0 0 20px;

Still i have the issue when i add a fixed widget i.e the right side top adsense

When you add float to a position:absolute element, of course it will have no effect :).

Your page is constructed pretty poorly. You have a rightbar element, however, even though it’s floated, the content in there is absolutely positioned, without coordinates. Honestly, your rightbar wrappre isn’t doing anything besides being a marker as to where the browser thinks you want the AP elements set.

Why do you have the elements set to absolute position anyway? There is no need for it, and quite honestly, they don’t belong there.

As to your issue, What exactly is being dropped down? Everything looks “normal” over here using FF. Both the wrapper and the rightbar element both start up at the top of the page.

Well i admit the theme and css is poorly done, but it wasn’t me. some other guy did it. well as for my problem, when i see the website in ipad, the big red button on right side which says facts etc r overlapping the content area

Also i wanna get ride of AP of of right sidebar but when i do. its back to square one problem i.e its pushing the content down where the righr sidebar ends

If you construct your columns via floats, then you would not have this issue.

Try going from there and if it is pushing down, then the answer will be pretty simple (there isn’t enough width for it to be next to each other) :slight_smile:

yes ur right. but can’t take any chances as i have to show to it client.besides, i myself believe 99% of time ur issue is resolved by floats but people find positoning more good as its faster way around to get what u want but its a mess when it comes to fixing.

What would you be taking a risk on by choosing floats? It’s much faster and simpler. Other wise you have to mess with positioning values and makig sure it lines up in your resolution, which will vary from user to user and will not look right in most resolutions. It’s quite easy to fix any float issues, not taht many exist nowadays due to IE6 being dead, and IE7 on its way out the door.

Thanks guys for the help, really greatfull for the help. i will do that now in floats

Now i got my design in float. but i have 2 problems now, i want header div to be fixed but when i give it fixed property, the page layout got screwed and the area which has content, has space the the left side. i want that finished but i can’t find it. the content starts in the middle of the page

Aso i noticed there a big horizantal bar with nothing, why is that happening?

The horizontal scrollbar is due to “#access

You set a fixed width on it, however teh menu is wider than that. Pushing it wide. Removing the width will fix the issue :). Onto your others…

Your header is set to a height of 250px. The rightsidebar alone is making it hang out. The overall layout of the code in this page really needs work. Sorry to say it but there are a lot of changes to be done.

I’d recommend moving that right sidebar you have, out of the header, and make it a column next to your #main.

Also, you weren’t clear enough on the whitespace issue. There are a few different areas with “content” in it.

what i mean by content div is when u see white space on left side of the ‘Fallen angel’ video. what i need to do is make that header div static. but when i do everything seems to be overlapping each other.

hi again,
I have a problem. I have set the width of header to auto, but it end at certain place. whereas i want the google adsense to be in line of the right sidebar images but shld be within header. because the header is static and i want adsense to be static as well but in line with the right sidebar images on right. i tried many things but its not happening. any help?