Pull friend comment using fql -facebook-


I want to pull just one latest comment of a friend posted on my feeds using fql. As comment table have fromid which is not indexed and making relation with stream table via post_id make the query a bit tidy. I have already have frndid stored in a var.

select fromid, text, time from comments where post_id in (select post_id from stream where source_id in (select uid1, uid2 from friend where uid1=me() and uid2=$frndid)) order by time desc limit 1

But that query does not pull the result i want. I have provided all needed permissions with access token. It may be possible in a way like to compare fromid etc, but that make it long process and time taking, because i already have many queries running at the same time.

Apologizes if this thread is in the wrong forum.

Any help will be appreciated.