Pthreads and sleep() function


Since I’ve upgraded from php 5.6 to 7 my sleep function become not compatible with pthreads. Ok, why not.

I get this error when I call the sleep function:

An uncaught Exception was encountered
Message: sleep is not suitable for use in multi threaded applications, use synchronized Threaded::wait

If this function was called into a Thread class, I can understand and use Threaded::wait. But here the problem that I call this function from a normal php (not into a Thread object)

From the codeigniter controller class:

public function index()
    while (true) {
        $tasks = $this->checkTask();
        $thread = array();
        foreach ($tasks as $index => $task) {
            while (array_key_exists($index, $thread))
                $index = rand(0, 65535);
            $thread[$index] = new crwlTasker($task);
        crwlLog("Task launched, wait 60 sec for next check.", 'info', true);

And I call this script from this command (CLI) php index.php myclass index.

Some Information:
php version 7. (RC5)
codeigniter 3.0.2
pthread version 3.0.9

Thank for reading :slight_smile:

I’ve found a bad solution, but it’s work :smile:.

 * @param float $time seconds
function mySleep($time){

usleep and sleep trow a exception but not time_sleep_until. :expressionless: Why not … If someone can give me a explanation, please do.

Edit: Another solution on a Github issue.

I think the problem is that PHP considers $thread to be the PHP Thread class

Maybe best to rename your vatible?

No the problem is the sleep function.

How can you be certain ?

Let’s run this command from CLI (command line) php -r "sleep(5);"
That return me some exception. There isn’t other code. Only a simple sleep(5);.

How is it possible ? If I run the same command, it’s work on me.

Don’t forget, I’m on PHP7 (RC5) ZTS with pthreads.

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