Proper way to do keywords that is best for my website?

I got some great help for doing CSS on my website on this forum.
Now for an important question:
Proper way to do keywords that is best for my website?
I’m pretty sure I’m doing mine wrong, so advice is appreciated.
I did pass the HTML checker with no errors though…

Thanks in advance!

If you’re referring to the keywords meta tag, then you can forget about it; it isn’t a factor in ranking.

As far as I’m aware, all major search engines take a similar approach.

I would highly recommend that you read and follow Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, which will help you ensure you have the important things in place, without wasting time on obsolete items.

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Thanks for the advice, I will check both links out.

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First of all, Great picture you’re truly an amazing photographer. Now your question “How to do keyword research?” but before answering that one suggestion please redo your website design. I’d recommend you to read about meta tag and product descriptions similar to e-commerce/product websites. And then try targeting keywords that have good monthly searches.

Whenever I am optimizing my site or my blog, I make sure I have the best keywords. I use Keyword Country to find the most popular and active keywords in my niche.

Once you have a list of popular keywords:

  • Contribute in social networking sites (Post on related wall pages) like Instagram, Facebook, viewbug etc

  • Start a catchy blog on photography tutorials and invite other photographers who write to guest post, this way you can target more keyword resulting in boost in website traffic.

  • Write guest posts for blogs related to your niche

  • Share viral content (images, text, videos etc)

  • Offer valuable information and make your website user-friendly (for repeated traffic)

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